top 10 best wifi routers in india 2020 - reviews and buyer's guide

With the growing market place, one definitely requires the best WiFi routers in India for them. It is generally one of the priced commodities that links various of things such as your laptop, mobile, and other things. The Wi-Fi connection that makes every bit of the work smart and efficient. All these smart appliances also work better with it.

Also the wireless system of Wi-Fi connection helps the user to do stuff easily and conveniently. However, one can do this work great when the right option of the router orchestrates the function. The functions being a  connection dependent variable can also be decided on other parameters too.

Nevertheless the article here enlists the list of top 10 best WiFi routers in India. Along with that the buyer’s guide and frequently asked questions are included. So that we can avail the required degree of righteous knowledge to the customer squaregroup. To help them in this hectic task of theirs

Best wifi router in India

The list of best WiFi routers in India features this one Wi-Fi router in the first position due to various reasons. The top 10 best Wi-Fi routers herein on our list worth the place they have been assigned. The users and customers wishing for an optimum option for both office and home use. Providing greater levels of speed at downloading and connectivity options, this Wi-Fi router would add value to your work experience.

Along with these points the factor that this comes with The triband feature also makes it very worthed. This router has four receiving and four transmitting antenna which improves and adds a lot to signal strength and quality. The router also comes with protection from malicious websites and contents. Therefore, this makes the process of surfing a bit convenient and safe enough to work that way.

Also, the Wi-Fi routers come with the MU-MIMO feature that enables various numbers of devices to connect to this router. Therefore, it becomes easy for many people to connect their particular devices to the unit for their work then. The advanced features there in the router makes it one of the best available options in the market

Pros 😊
  • This is the best option for larger homes and office.
  • The penetration it can achieve makes the signal strength great.
  • It can provide the information of every connected device there is.
Cons 😕
  • It is a bit expensive one

The second position in our list of top 10 best WiFi routers in India goes to TP link wireless router. The Wi-Fi router and the brand service have a long record of working in this line.The features that come in-built with this Wi-Fi router of optimum quality with the total bandwidth of 1200 mbps. It is generally easy to set up this router at your place, and one can install it easily as well. This is sure to give you one of the best possible satisfactions.

Also, this wireless type router has to its name and structure various of components included. Such as power adaptor, ethernet cable and various important other parts. The speed it provides also is one of the best possible at work with who built antennas for the clean and potent connection. The device that enables it to communicate to various devices at once.

Considerably this Wi-Fi router is one of the most used devices for the customers that would require a stable connection.The three-year warranty and after sale service that comes along with it makes this router worth consideration.The different features of this device that some of the here are also pocket supporting and friendly.

Pros 😊
  • the signal quality that this Wi-Fi router type provides is best for the working conditions.
  • Come with features that makes installation easy.
  • The price is also affordable and very supportive.
Cons 😕
  • The range for which it works is rather restricted
3.Netgear ac1200 nighthawk X6 tri-band Wi-Fi router
best WiFi router in India

Next in range of top 10 best WiFi routers in India comes this AC 3200 nighthawk. This WiFi router is meant to serve the cause it fits with excellence. Along with the various features that come in this model router.One can find their feet easily in the list that to be present for the Wi-Fi router for home and for office use.

Along with these factors here are number of features that are included in this Wi-Fi router model. This wireless standard router makes the installation and operation easy and convenient at same time.The triple bandwidth that comes with this Wi-Fi router also decreases the burden on the transfer of files. The total number of antennas that comes with Wi-Fi router model is 6 in number.

Also, the two USB ports that come with this router make it rather useful and many terms as that. Along with this there is 1 dual core processor and three of load processes that come into being because of work. The USB port is there to provide the best of available speed to the user. In  the end there are four LAN ports with variable connectivity feature that comes along with it.

Pros 😊
  • The 6 different antennas work well to support the connection.
  • The Wi-Fi router is also great energy saver at its work.
  • Can connect up to 40 to 50 users are the same point.
Cons 😕
  • The price can be bit expensive.

Next come this router in our list of top 10 best WiFi routers in India. D’link dir 825 is one of the best dual band router that there exist in market as one option.For the customer groups looking for the an available tool fpr their workings of gaming and other stuff. This one WiFi router also comes with the best streaming speeds up to 1200 MBPS which comes greatly handily.

Along with that one of the most attractive futures is the presence of USB port. This basically works for better transferability of files within the system.This best Wi-Fi router is sure to add value to one’s work with efficient working and its absolute finish. The stability of speed and connectivity is an advantage for those who wish for it.

Even this Wi-Fi router in India has the total of four LAN ports available. That makes sure the connectivity promises the range and strength.Along with this the fact that the company provides a 3-year warranty with this Wi-Fi router. Makes it really worth every penny that goes into it.

Pros 😊
  • One of the greatest affordable options that they are in the market
  • 4 LAN ports, 4 antennae and 3 year warranty.
  • The dual band working.
Cons 😕
  • The updates are not easy to come over

The best WiFi routers in India search we are in advancement of brings us on this spot. This 5th of top 10 best Wi-Fi routers in India has its place of dignity due to the work it provides. Best wireless router with a speed of 1300 MBPS on the model of 802.11ac. This is a premium advanced tool  and Hi-Tech efficient for the downloading purposes.

Along with that these best Wi-Fi routers in India is a gigabit router with 3 antennae with high score performance. The dual processor also supports the multi-tasking ability.Along with that this router is vested with different means to keep the signal strength of to the mark. So that it can not only serve better but also increase the coverage area.

Even this is not the end the installation of this router type is very easy to that part one can easily achieve it. Advanced features that there are with this optimum new technology makes it worth the consideration.Along with that there are various ways and steps by which this is kept at safeguarded means of working.

Pros 😊
  • The rangers provide is vast and great.
  • The support of both 2.4 GHz and 5 ghz makes it easy to go with.
  • Greatly useful in working
Cons 😕
  • Price range can be problematic

The top 10 best WiFi routers in India are incomplete without mentioning this router for office and home use. For the groups which expect really greater speed for downloading, searching and other stuff. Along with that for transmitting and receiving the obtained data. This one best router in India is righteous of all choices there are.

Even this models unit comes with IV frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5ghz. This being a dual-band working the domain for the improved and better Wi-Fi range.The four antennas that come with this router type can make the signal strength and range worth every bit.The devices make sure that the correct coordination in working of these types is well established. Without creating any void in the usage.

Pros 😊
  • The Wi-Fi and internet speed it provides is great.
  • The four antennas make the signal strength strong.
  • The easy to install and handle the setup is worth every penny invested.
Cons 😕
  • The USB can sometimes be problematic

In our list of top 10 best WiFi routers in India we have the 7th position to this best Wi-Fi router for home option. Tenda has set a spell on the market with this one router and its list. Everywhere one wishes to know what there is in this 300mbps router that makes it work such a great deal. For the folks with small space of office a smaller home, this is it.

Also, this wireless type router is one with various of its components included in here. The many protocol setup along with the LAN and wan ports, this is a complete structure in work. Also, it has got the parent control system that has a different dimension of security. Along with MU MIMO technology one expects it to connect to various devices at once.

Therefore, this type of wireless routers makes the working really smooth and going. And with that the security that comes but it also makes it really better. This makes it perfect for emailing daily surfing and video streaming, etc. The N 301 what’s another to connect the IPS Network to the client router. Also, it is and easy to setup system that lives up to various requirements

Pros 😊
  • Box in order to connect to the IPS Network
  • the speed of 300 mbps is greater love for the work here in such conditions optimum
  • This Wi-Fi router option is easy to setup and handle
Cons 😕
  • The range can be problematic as its vastness can be a problem
8. MI 3C router
best WiFi router in India

Coming to the eighth position in our search of top 10 best WiFi routers in India. This is the WiFi router no one can dare to outlist. So stable and speedy is the connection that one easily thinks it to be the best for office use or any such place.Also for the regular stuff of transmitting and downloading data through this one means. It becomes really easy as this turns over to work.

For the folks who enjoy the online gaming streaming live and other videos and downloading stuff. This Wi-Fi router can be of real use to them that way.This MI 3C router that has to its body attached four antennas that make sure you have secured conditions of connection. Also does it offer better and strong signal strength to its uses for the purpose of seamless web browsing.

It enables its user to connect to various number of devices at the same point simultaneously. Along with this the parental protection act provides the make sure the children to not see disturbing content. The content no parents would approve to have at a certain age.The systematic appliances easy and safe to handle for most of the people and families.

Pros 😊
  • It is very simple and convenient to use and install it
  • It is really economical and non expensive option
  • The internet speed is really great
Cons 😕
  • Not for large organisation

This unique router comes in our list of top 10 best WiFi routers in India out of various reasons mentioned here in. For the downloading ,video streaming and other of those online stuff in the market. This Wi-Fi router ratio to take your attention and priority driven around its name. This router compiles various of features that make it easy to use and comes greatly handy.

Along with this the dual-band of 5 Ghz and 2.4 GHz add value to the service it provides. The bandwidth of size 433 mbps, it is sure to have access to many operations at one go that way. The three antennas that come along with this body of Wi-Fi router is good to ensure a good and stable connectivity for its users to use. Preventing any drop in the signal quality or strength.

Also the features that come with in this best WiFi router in India makes it worth. Every investment that goes in it the parental control enables the guardians to setup criteria for their children. So that the things one wishes to prevent the children from does not appear in their surfing.This Wi-Fi router is one of the most stylish options available in the market also

Pros 😊
  • It supports the 802.11 AC standard
  • The three antennas are there to provide a stable and strong connection.
  • The setup is really easy to manage
Cons 😕
  • After some duration it might cause problems in connection but it is very rare and can be worked after.

At the last but not the least this one amongst our list of top 10 WiFi routers in India is worth a chance. For anyone who knows this market and its workings . No one can deny the fact that Netgear is a well-established name here in this field of routers. For every possible purpose one can think of this is sure to fit. And not only that but it’s a promising history sure to prove a rewarding future too.

Also the point that double band Wi-Fi router for office and home use works with two different bands. The speed up to 1200 MBPS and bandwidth such great also makes a network improve quality in use and other things.the folks that wish for a better option for this gaming purpose video streaming and other such things. You can easily rely on this one option for sure this can be of great help.

Along with that there are two internal antennas, that help the signal strength to be retained. Also the fact that the USB port comes with this option. The connecting of various devices to transmit and receive the concerning data. This option is sure to work on that too.

Pros 😊
  • It is greatly ideal state for home use
  • The dual band support system makes it a greater option
  • The USB port and two internal antenna strengthen the signal strength
Cons 😕
  • It does not work with USB 3.0 and c types.

Buyer's guide

1. Types of Wi-Fi routers

As the name correctly suggests this type of routers is the one that uses wires. So that it can transmit data and connect various computer units to it.One of the reasons why these are not much into run nowadays is due to the fact that it has the needs of great maintenance. Also, it is supported by technology as NAT that allows the user to connect variously of computers. So that the work can be carried on.

so these are the ones that do not use the conventional system of wires and cables. They use antennas to transmit data packages to one of the system computers. These routers establish a wireless local network that applies such Wi-Fi connectivity to its users. The antenna use these signal strength feature in order to get there means to transfer.

2. Tri-band or dual band

The dual band router generally is less expensive and more economic option between the two. The dual band Wi-Fi router comes with one 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz band.This maintains a perfect system of information flow between the two different units that exist in the system there on.

Along with that on the other hand, the tri-band Wi-Fi router is more expensive comparatively. But this type comes with two 5 GHz and one 2.4 GHz band. This enables the best Wi-Fi router here to communicate through its various connections. And also ensure a simultaneous system of transmitting and receiving data in the unit.

3.5 GHz and 2.4 GHz

These are in simplest term 2 tracks of the signal and networking that allows flow of information. The 2.4 GHz bands generally has an optimum level respected and terminated signal strength that diminishes fast on course of different obstacles. The 5 GHz band had got to offer greater speed and better connectivity. Both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz have their own pros and cons for the customers to deal with.

 Since nowadays most of the routers come with both the bands in the system. This makes the environment available more vast and rather very useful as well.

4.Channel width and channels

The bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz come with certain fixed number of channels each. For instance the 5  GHz band being more active contains 24 non-overlapping channels. The channels have width in between of 20 megahertzes to 160 megahertzes.Coming to the other 2.4 GHz band, it has got 11 different channels each at a difference of 5 megahertzes.

5. Antennas

keeping these things simple the emptiness are there on with best Wi-Fi routers in India to improve the service that it gives. We antennas make sure that the signal strength are too stable and potent.There are only two types of antennas namely the directional antennas and Omi antennas.The directional antenna is the one that receive and transmit the data in the mono directional mode. While the Omni ones can do it in a radiant ovular away.

The strength of the antenna are measured in the decibel that basically describe how potential the signal is.The customer groups looking for a router that has good strength signal and decent coverage. Need also for the ones with high dbi. One can’t ignore you notice that some routers come with more than one antenna. This is because the one with higher antennas serve the cause better.

6. How to position the antenna

Like everyone is greatly aware with fact how crucial the positioning of the antenna is.Especially when it comes to the workload on your best Wi-Fi router, it becomes even important. Moreover it is advised to position the antenna upright. Show that the transmission occurs in various directions without means of interruption occurring at any place.

7. Area

What the folks that wishes to have a signal strength enough for their needs not more. Eventually needs to coin out ways to get this one point sorted. The reason being for a loner with all his personal devices connected does not need much to care about the router. But no one wishes to share their connection that we for sure.

For the families that require a more important option generally they go with the dual band routers. This way the multiple devices that are there on the station can get over the signal. Also, one needs to check how many connections do the system have

8. Security

Most of the new routers have an advanced system of checks and balances within built.That helps them to maintain a certain degree of control over the connected number of options in there. For the parents who do not wish for their children to get exposed to some inappropriate content. The parental control features help want to achieve goal of control over the control that is there.

9. Wifi standards

This designated standards are the one that help a person to watch on the Wi-Fi availability and its uniqueness. The global standard off Wi-Fi that is 802.11 is followed by versions such as a, b, ac,n and others newly in the market that is ax.These versions are new, and one can easily shift from one to other and can really cope with it. This naming method is designated in a way to help and sort this feature out.

10. Software in a Wi-Fi router

There are some software that come with the best Wi-Fi router in India options. These are such as NAT, DHCP, etc. NIT or network address translation which when in use can change the IP address from inside. What is available to the public. On the other site DHCP or device host control protocol helps to configure the IP address. So that the owner hasn’t got to do this job manually and join the others for it. So that the router can finally figure out how the different parts of its network communicate.

Frequently asked questions
Question 1. what good is Wi-Fi 6?

Answer – the latest innovation in the standard of 802.11 ax that helps to provide a better signal strength to its users.

Question 2. To what distance does the signal reach?

Answer the best Wi-Fi routers in India cover a grade degree of variable factors for the coverage. However, one can expect the minimal distance to be at least of 300 feets from the best Wi-Fi routers in India.

Question 3 how can one secure the WLAN?

Answer there are various systems that come along the Wi-Fi routers. That makes sure that this happens in a secured way. Some methods usually are data encryption, user authentication control system, etc.

Question 4 what is the difference between the router and modem?

Answer the router is one that connect various devices to 1 follow-up. But to make sure that this happens with better signal strength and quality. The router is connected to the modem.

Question 5 what is the firewall?

Answer The firewall helps the user to restrict the usage of internet to the children. That allows only authenticated unauthorised devices to connect to the system. The media access control helps them to achieve it.

Question 6. What is Wi-Fi extender?

Answer the Wi-Fi signal tend to awaken the signal when they cross the walls and other instructions. The devices which are about to 25 to 30 feet away can catch the minimal of it. The Wi-Fi extender however, helps to extend the signal reach that is available.

Question 7 what do you understand by a ADSL modem router?

Answer the ADSL cell phone line can be connected to the internet with the help of this. Therefore, the customer is hereby prescribed to check on the details. Before they make any final calls.

Question 8.What is Qos?

Answer. Quality of service is the feature that helps the user to take certain tasks over the others. This one point can really be of great importance to the gamers. But as such it does not make much difference for regular usages.


Through the best possible means, we try to enlist the best WiFi routers in India. Along with that one can easily find the very informative buyers guide and general questionnaire. So that one can get this job easily done and smoothly finished that way.

Along with that the rating system here is also a product of free described format. Although the information here is well checked and balanced. But if there is something feel free to right below.

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