Best Projector in India 2020 -Reviews & Buying Guide

Sometimes the display of LED and other TV models do not justify the screen size required. The search for greater screen size and brighter images bring us to projectors.The list of best projector in India along with the buyers guide and frequently asked questions here in try to serve their best.

Although there are various options in different categories available. This article tries to simplify the multitude of work through its classification. 

Including the top 10 projector models the initiative is to rank them through a set criteria. The only purpose the article works for, is to help the customer care gain the best of satisfaction.

Types of projector

The article tries to draw a thin outline of distinction between different types of projectors. Even simplify and explain the best projector in India range included herein

1. Home theatre projector

These types of projectors amongst the best projector in India are the ones that serve household purposes. The sound system and other units when combined with this one accessory provides a good outcome. Although the brightness level they come with is less around 1500– 2000 lumens. But profitability, durability and other inbuilt factors make them great enough for usage.

2. Pocket projector

This ultra-portable model system that can be operated easily to various means.The brightness to come with falls in the range of 100 -1500 lumens. Even when the screen size is small, the picture quality is optimum for various purposes. They lack the properties of self-focus, resolution, etc. but for a unit of this size and convenience, it is a great service.

3. Multimedia projector

This one category is to which belongs most of the projectors in general. The best projector in India herein generally has a brightness range of 2500 to 4500 lumens. Considering their vivid usages at various places, they have excellent features. A good throw ratio, high resolution, better screen size, etc. Therefore the PowerPoint usages, lectures and other purposes find the best fit here.

Top 10 Best Projector in India

  • Brightness of 3100 lumens
  • Contrast ratio is 15,000:1
  • Image size of 300 inches
  • Warranty of 24 months
  • Lamp 36 months or 3,000 hours

For the customers looking forward to the means to create the best cinematic experience at home. This one full HD projector with 3100 lumens of brightness is the best of best projectors in India.For the customers who want to enjoy the collaborative matches at one place. Maybe a new movie or World Cup is on the available source or something else. This best brand projector is made in a way to serve the best to its users.

By all means, to one who is ready to bear the cost it arrives at. This one model is going to be a greatly handy and useful commodity. The projector features and various unaccounted services that come along are even great as well. The ceiling hanging operator mechanism as well as tabletop working edge. Both are to serve the best of possibilities.

Provided that this model has the best of available features. The projector is easy to handle, less complicated and convenient to set up as well. The keystone correction comes inbuilt in the system. Which helps it to set the positioning of the picture correctly.

Even the brightness level of 3100 lumens is well enough to project images even in the well-lit rooms. Therefore the screen is lightened with bright images on most of the occasions. These features make it one of the best projectors for classroom India.

Pros 😊
  • Automatic keystone correction
  • Built in speakers
  • Full HD resolution
  • Split screen function
Cons 😕
  • It does not support 3D display
  • Screen size of 120 inches
  • HD support upto 1920×1080p
  • Contrast ratio 1000:1
  • Portable system

For the groups which looks more for detailing in the picture quality. This one projector amongst the best projector in India can be best for their needs. Egate i9 LED HD projector comes with more than 16000 colours and 1000:1 contrast.The point that no more is one bounded to the screen dimension of computers. This itself is a great liberating factor that there is. The screen size and audio makes sure that the experience it gives leaves one awestruck.

In fact, keeping in mind the factor of gaining popularity nowadays. There are ways in which that experience has been enhanced five folds. For now one can place themselves at comfort and do that gaming lavishly. This becomes important that the best home projector hereby is given the credits it deserves.

For instance the team developer of this model has made sure that it strives to sustain every bit of load. And hence can perform uninterruptedly for all its working period. The longer sustenance and a short durable nature and various other impacts. These all are the ones that make it amongst the best justified.

Also The first thing to consider is it’s easy to connect features. It helps the user to conveniently harness the quality system by their devices.
The features which include brightness levels of 1500 to 2000 lumens make it apt for darker rooms. Also, it’s heavy built body and structure is resistant to harsh handling.

Pros 😊
  • It’s portable mechanism.
  • Native resolution of 800× 480 p.
  • High lamp life.
Cons 😕
  • Brightness of 1500 lumens is not sufficient for well lightened rooms.
  • Lamp life 10000 hours
  • Colour reproduction upto 1.7 billion
  • Image size of 350 inches
  • Warranty of 24 months
  • Lamp-12 months

Are you done with maintaining different projectors for home and work? In this case your fit would be Epson EB S41. The 3300-lumen brightness, 4K video quality and LCD technology make this unit worth the price. The impressive quality of images, the even impressive screen size and audio. These all are factors that make it an experience worth attention. The intuitive design and complementary system of working along with other beautiful technologies.

Therefore these all make this projector a chaos free and easy to handle commodity. The shortage of space in this one case can sometimes be a problem. But at most of the situation that too is thrown off if looked after appropriately. Even the keystone adjustment adds value to the working of this projector. Because it makes sure that the user is provided the comfort he craves. The righteous of benefits that are prioritized.

In particular along with a 350-inch display and contrast ratio of 15,000:1. This among the best projector in India is sure to catch everyone’s attention. The long-lasting lamp life and its carry away feature make it the best portable projector as well.

Moreover comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. Subsequently, it helps the users to display the data through their smartphone.

Pros 😊
  • Best for office use
  • Better picture quality
  • 4K video quality
Cons 😕
  • It does not support 3D display
  • Projection screen size 130 inches.
  • Audio formats MP3,,WMA, AAC.
  • LED lamp life of 20,000 hours.
  • Keystone correction.

This comes in the category of best projectors for home. Not recommended for office use or educational purposes. The native resolution is of 800×600p, along with the supported 1080 p format. This stern education master among the line of best projector brands is one great to go with. The excellent features, most optimum outlook and system’s natural degree of neatness. This all adds value to the working of this projector in short.

For instance one can easily imagine themselves sitting on a comfy chair or sofa. And handling or controlling a jet or aircraft in the video games that too on such a large screen. These all accessories with median connectivity and other aspects, make it a beautiful executed and planned piece.

In fact the real existential experience of characters in a multidimensional view is possible to its credit. Which are the most vibrant experiences that add life to it. It would definitely become one of the best you may ever have. Other key points include a contrast ratio of 1,000:1. As well as the brightness of 1800 lumens, best for home purposes.

Particularly along with the 3D glasses, the 3D display provides the best when combined with speakers for external sound. It gives you a theatre of your own.Hence it’s position in our list of the projector in India is justified.

Pros 😊
  • It can be used to display 3D format films
  • Colours display up to 16700
  • Good for small screens
Cons 😕
  • It does not support phone or hard disc only USB
  • Native resolution of 800 × 600
  • Brightness of 3600 lumens
  • Contrast ratio 15000: 1
  • Display colours up to 1.7 billions

This model from the side of BenQ comes with 3600 lumens brightness. At the same time it has 15000: 1 high contrast and better presentation ability. For a customer looking forward to a projector that is an appropriate mix of a presentable one and a beautifully elegant at the same time. This one amongst the best projectors in India range makes it worth the chance for sure. The estimated outlook of work and major outlined features. Are the ones that combine and culminate certainly to work this out.

Overall the readability of presentation and clarity of words, these are the things that make it worth the expense it comes in exchange of. Properties of higher definition might seem normal and regular. But no one can deny that this works conveniently as a mix and display the subject.

Even The brightness level and contrast of these are of supreme level and competence. These things are well enough to settle the name of the brand in the market. And hence making it to the list of our top as well.

Also the HDMI connectivity and a screen size of 300 inches is a great feature. It supports 480i, 480p ,576i, 576p, 720 p 1080i and 1080 p. Due to its simple yet effective outlook it comes in the list of best projector in India. And its ownership is really affordable and cheap.

Pros 😊
  • It’s portable mechanism.
  • Native resolution of 800× 480 p.
  • High lamp life.
Cons 😕
  • Brightness of 1500 lumens is not sufficient for well lightened rooms.
6. Vivi bright GP 80 1800 lumens projector
  • Screen size of 2.6 metres
  • Warranty of 1 year
  • Brightness of 1800 lumens
  • Contrast ratio of 10000: 1
  • Lamp life of 30,000 hours

This full HD projector is one that has the brightness of 1800 lumens. This is the one apt for school, homes where lights can be dimmed. If the customer is in search of the best projector to go with their home theatre. This is the one made for it. The uninterrupted projection from this one model projector for home is great and tremendous. The system’s advancements that come with the presentable nature makes it worth great. These things sum up and provide excellent appeal.

Eventually the projector display and brightness quality and other features. Along with the superior lens and focus are the one meant to serve their level best. With that note even the audio system that it comes along adds value to the quality of its greatness.
For all that one needs and desires the product description has set a benchmark. And with that one can accept that the position of this projector amongst the best does not go unnoticed.

With an impressive projection of 3 meters it comes with 3D support. Finding the right glasses to pair with it is the task really worth the experience. It supports solution of 1920×1080 p at maximum. As well as it also comes with high portability

Pros 😊
  • It supports resolution of 1920×1080 p
  • Better keystone correction
  • Good screen size
Cons 😕
  • Can’t be used in classrooms that are  well lit.
  • Screen size of 120 inches
  • HD support upto 1920×1080p
  • Contrast ratio 1000:1
  • Portable system

This model of projector comes with high portability and innovative approach. It comes with HD compatibility and brightness up to 2000 lumens and contrast ratio 1000: 1.Miracast streaming quality work along with different other their features that come with this one model. Makes it one of the best projector in India there exists. The stable projector quality, evenly bright images and other things make it one complete package at the last.

Markedly, this is a model capable of projecting images to a size of 120 inches. The least expensive and the most preferred option for home-based uses.

Particularly for one with limited investment levels this model is apt to approach. The factors of control and approach that come within attached along with various other connectivity options make it easy to use. The purpose this one projector works for is to simplify the context to a regular operation. So that the person doesn’t feel unknown where he stands to operate it. Besides you can always connect your gaming operator to it.

The other point being the various connectivity options, it can be connected to various gadgets using wire. In fact, this projector can bear the heat fluctuations very conveniently.

Pros 😊
  • Greatly portable
  • Good screen size
  • High durability
Cons 😕
  • Not suitable for projection of text content
  • Brightness of 3200 lumens
  • Lamp life of 50000 hours
  • Manual remote control
  • Resolution of 1280×800

The punk p9 projector finds its use in the household the best. This 1080 LED HD projector has excellent image quality. It also has 3D support and manual 3 meters projector distance. This one projectable model that suffices every domain of workability. That one projector is expected to perform and work for. The point that it could be easily hung from the ceiling or can be used as a tabletop projector makes it even more useful.

Since the modern problems of presentability require modern advancements. The sum total of the features that are built in this one best projector model makes it rank among the top range available.

Even it is  expression that this one projector model has every bit of presentational qualities. But the point it serves movie and gaming even great is a feature surprising and appealing

While the brightness level is 3200 lumens. The contrast ratio is 1500: 1 with the native resolution of 1280×800p. It can project easily for a screen size of 200 inches. One of the best uses of this convenient device is gaming and cinema at home. One of the most notable features that comes with it is 15 degree-professional trapezoid correction.

Pros 😊
  • Support 3D format
  • LCD TFT technology
  • Front tabletop projection
Cons 😕
  • Can’t be used for large halls.
  • Brightness of 150 lumens
  • Screen size is 120 inches
  • Resolution 854 × 480
  • Colours up to 16,770,000

The pocket-size projector weighs minimal, which is 280 grams. But assuming it to be less impactful on those grounds is unfair. While the brightness level of this projector is near 105 lumens. The quality of the images is greatly considerable. the best features that are available in the top range of all this model are included in this device. Being advancements that are placed systematically. The convenience with which it can be carried from one place to another is worth consideration.

Markedly this projector here supports various audio qualities. Even surprising is the fact that the replacement it seems to have is TV itself in belief. The presentations are made convenient from this one equipment and adds value to most of them. For someone looking for an exotic place perfect presentation, this one is sure to catch there attention.

In fact the point that this model has been named one among the best projectors in India is not unjustified. The screen size of 120 meters along with various connecting options, makes it highly usable.

Along with that it comes with an inbuilt battery charger. That can work up to 2 hours straight

Pros 😊
  • Portability
  • Chargeable
  • Convenient to use and carry
Cons 😕
  • Limited purpose usability
  • Brightness of 3300 lumens
  • Contrast ratio of 15000: 1
  • Image size of 300 inches
  • Portability

Enjoy the big-screen experience at your place with a brightness level of 3300 lumens. this amongst the best projectors in India can achieve an impressive screen size of 300 inches. For the people who believe the bigger the better, this one is for them. The premium level work that this project brings with itself as a service one imagines. The perfectly systemized work along with different purpose facilities that are included herein. This one projector is the last of our top 10 best and no doubt is one of the best available in the market.

Even the premium work that this projector model provides has got the price of the commodity justified. Even the most beautiful of executed models that they are in this world is sure to meet the competition here.
One can always think to enjoy cinema, Netflix or other web channels here. Along with that documentaries and other things can also be a part of this easily.

Further, along with better brightness it has a contrast ratio of 15000:1. Even the colour variability is of 1.07 billion. Along with that the keystone correction makes everything smooth and optimum for usage. From the business staff to personal groups, this one projector is sure to earn attention.

Pros 😊
  • HDMI input
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Resolution of 1024×768
Cons 😕
  • It does not have 3D support
Buyers guide

In a place where the customer stands unknowing, buyers guide something one always seeks. To equip the user with this one criterion of knowledge, here is a list one needs to follow.


Getting the right degree of brightness over the screen can be a crucial task. It is however necessary to know that projector only does not decide the level of brightness. The screen size and audience distance is also a matter of deep thought.

Explicitly brightness of a projector is measured in ANSI lumens or lumens generally. For a normal room of regular dimension the brightness required is 1500 lumens. In  classroom or lecture hall, where lights could be dimmed it can be 3500 lumens. At theatres and halls it can reach around 4500 lumens.

2. Screen or wall?

The screen is generally preferred option between the two. As the light projected from the projector would require a smooth surface, the screen being more shiny and reflective, suits the need most efficiently.

3. Resolution

The device connected to the projector is required to match the set resolution of the projector. Or else it might lead to image property deterioration. There exist various formats as VGA(640×480), XGA(1024×768), UXGA (1600×1200), WUXGA(1920×1200)

4. Audio

There are a certain number of projectors in the market that come with inbuilt speakers. However it is advised to connect the system to an external speaker to get the best outcomes.

5. 3D technology

For the customer groups still interested in the 3D dimensional view and appeal of picturization. The projectors normally come with 3D technology inbuilt. But this feature needs assistance from 3D glasses for one to perceive the feel.
For someone who does not wish to buy a 3D projector particularly. There are other setups that require certain filters and processors to achieve 3D display.


This is a factor that takes its own time to accumulate. It really becomes necessary for a customer to choose the right option. The best projector for offices, the best projector in India and it’s price range are various other categories.
Considering the customer reviews and selection one can easily find which one will be the best for the usage. This is tedious but necessary work.

7. Connectivity

There are various ways of connecting the projector to the source of data sharing. Whether it is a laptop smartphone etc. It can be through HDMI ports, Wi-Fi connectivity USB, etc.
Although some have a direct Pendrive insertion option. But generally it is done through various options that have been listed above.

8. Lens shift and zoom range

Depending upon the positioning of the projector and image size required. It becomes necessary to look into these options. So that one could easily find the best projector for home, office. This helps the projector to set the image and resolve its properties to the best of extents.


The modern-day today really requires a projector that is easily portable. Even carry away features come handy when one needs to have an outdoor meeting or something else.
Along with that portability is a feature of best projectors for a home category.

10.Contrast ratio

The general rule of thumb says higher the better. Generally the best projectors come with a certain degree of image quality. The credits to which it owes to the contrast ratio. But this one factor alone doesn’t decide the whole game. There are other factors as well.


The factor that itself decides and limits other factors. Projector price in India is spread in a wide band. It always depends on the personal willingness of investment. The projectors for home-based purposes, theatre ones generally cost more than the regular ones

Frequently asked questions
1. What all are the best projectors  in  India?
Ans. The various factors that are involved in making a projector it’s best are included in the article. Along with that there is a list of 10 various projectors of different brands included.
2. How to use eco mode?

Ans. There are various options that you can navigate through after using the menu option.

3. How to set up a projector?

Ans. setting up a projector is a job really easy. Just have to recognize various connectivity options there are. And then decide through which content is to be shared.

4. What is the throw ratio?

Ans. The throw ratio is a parameter decided by using the distance between the projector and the screen. This helps the user to estimate and analyze the picture quality.

5. What is the lamp life?

Ans. Lamp life is one of the most prominent and crucial parameters. It basically reflects what is the life for which a lamp would give its service.

 6. What is the light source in the projector?

Ans. The light comes through a lamp that is set up of an LED bulb and lens together. The lamp that comes with inbuilt generally has a specified life. Thereafter it requires replacement.

 7. How much of brightness is required?

Ans. It is really necessary to get the right brightness on the screen. As if it fails to happen the other considerations are of no use. There are various factors on which it depends. The details of which are included in the article above.

8 How contrast ratio matters?

Ans. The contrast ratio is a factor that comes into importance when light is dimmed. If the brightness is high even a great difference in the contrast won’t make much difference in presentation. Therefore it depends on the situation and place of usage.

9. What use are the short throw projectors?

Ans. For the people who do not have the adjustable space in the area. They can go with this option of usage. The short-throw projectors amongst the best projectors in India are gathering higher popularity. The reason for which being the less distance of throw.

10. what are the criteria which were used in the ranking of the projectors?

Ans. Criteria include customer reliance, popularity amongst customers, performance, specific and general specifications and other various things.


Listed above is the list of top 10 in the best projector in India range. The various brands of Epson, Egate, BenQ are the most trusted in this genre. And to provide serratus information and guidance we have included the buyer’s guide as well.

Although the attempt was to place in most of it possible. If you have any queries or comments, feel free to write below.