top 5 best inverter battery in india 2020 - reviews and buyer's guide

Amongst the market that is flooding with the different available options. Getting the best inverter battery in India can be a difficult task. we tried to condense this multidimensional information so that it becomes easy for the customers to choose from. Being fully aware of knowledge criteria that are required thereon.

Although not much, we tried to include the major types of inverter batteries. The top five list of inverter battery, buying guide, and frequently asked questions. So that two major extents every possible scope of information is well covered and used. This helps the customer to choose their fit in the marketplace and also greatly reliable.

Also our initiative through this article is to make available the best inverter battery options at one platform itself. So the customer can be spared the task of searching various places.

Types of Inverter Battery

1. Flat plate battery

This type of inverter batteries are for the purposes not very frequent to use. Also this type of inverter battery are not very expensive once but for sure are the ones not for the regular usages. Also does it require a good level of maintenance for it to serve the user.

Even comes with the shortest lifespan these inverter types are not well recommended and are most initial. The charging time also is more than most of the others and is required to be placed safe place as well. In short, it can be less expensive but not very convenient for sure

2. Tubular batteries

these are the advanced type of batteries available in the market. Also recommended for the places that are very prone to long power cuts. These batteries are worth the experience that is made in it in exchange to the services give to the customer. Also it provides the service with less maintenance and high reliability.

Even the charging time being less is a great relief for any person who deserves the same. this is a model type that is more reliable than the other available at the same rate due to various reasons. Also, the fact that the warranty makes sure the service it gives if faces with any problem, could be resolved.

3. Sealed maintenance type

As the name clearly defines this type of best inverter battery in India do not require any maintenance. Therefore it works many tasks additionally. The manufacturing is done in a way so that the amount of electrolyte that went into the system. It is enough to keep it going for longer hours.

Even the point that one should be concerned about. The poisonous emissions of harmful gases released of count in these battery types. The point that which types are expensive is balance with the fact the services it provides are safe. But they are not of longer life span to conclude with.

Best inverter batteries in India

list of best inverter batteries in India starts with this model from Cameron. the problem of power cuts and laptops are common in this scene for most of the parts of India. hence for the best remediation means there exists to get out of this inverter battery a great help.

Also amaron is one of the most trusted brands of inverter battery for home. Is it commands various purposes and fields of uses. With that also comes a considerable power reserve the actor suits the cause one maintains the battery for. Also the product has great heat bearing capacity that allows it to work for longer duration without much problem.

Even with these many potent capabilities this best inverter battery in India is the one easy to handle. And it is a requirement of least maintenance along with the best facilities possible.along with that the charging capability of this One battery type also fast and convenient.

Pros 😊
  • Can sustain longer power cut cases with high reserve capacity.
  • Workes with and support most of the inverters
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Does not lose water that easily.
Cons 😕
  • The battery is bit heavier than the others of same range

The second position in our list of best inverter battery in India is occupied by this one from luminous.the marketplace had been appreciating this model battery for its inverter for home features that are there. The battery can serve power cuts and other energy options very easily and conveniently.

Also the brand luminous has great customer Reliance and service providing the record. with that comes other features of corrosive resistibility so that the lead part of battery does not go to corrosion.along with that the charging ability of the plates with the charge storing for the long run is one of the most attractive features. These points make it highly popular in the terms of market options. Hence it became one of the most picked choices.

Besides these sites for the appliances that support inverter company debility in them. This is an option that aims to provide an uninterrupted flow of power. So that the customer care and enjoy the satisfaction that he deserves. An investment made here is sure to bear benefits in the future. That is the reason why one suggests this luminous battery.

Pros 😊
  • It is constructed in a way that is really easy to handle
  • It supports and work with most of the inverter models.
  • The quick charging capability makes it worth the expense
  • Comes with 3 years warranty
Cons 😕
  • It is a model slightly expensive than the others in the same line.

Another from the same brand this type of inverter battery comes in our best inverters in India range due to various factors. The point that this can serve the needs of power in power cuts and such emergency situations. with Atmost convenience and superlative degree of this is how it makes its name count.

Along with that it can tolerate a certain degree of voltage fluctuations. That to very easily and standby working throughout hours.also there are various other technical means taken in work to ensure that it does not create any problem. It comes with great ventilation that also ensure effective working means for the Home inverter types.

Even the backup system that comes with this inverter model is one of the best one can overlook the points of quick charging abilities that they are along with the other that one can make sure that the daily chose can go uninterrupted due to any basic fluctuations. Therefore the boost charging mode is the most appreciated factor of this model.

Pros 😊
  • This battery does not require much of maintenance
  • This battery is made to handle the rough carry through
  • Can support and work with most of the inverters there are
  • One of the most economical models of inverters that there exist.
Cons 😕
  • There can be instances of messaging due to its heavy body.

This inverter battery lies 4th in our ranking of the best inverter battery for home due to a multitude of factors.this is something it owes to its long power supply backups. In our country such as India where power cut is a history to present journey unstopped. Also it can withstand and tolerate high heat fluctuations that are climate-specific.

Also the inbuilt system is one such that it prevents or resists any short circuits that there may happen internally. So that the local problems of the circuit are prevented.also the internal conductive alloys that are the ones with properties so that the water consumption at plated can be reduced. Also the body is one such that prevents any spillover that might occur.

Along with that the battery has got its lead such that it divides leakage of fumes.even with these points the support that provides to most of the inverter models makes it very useful. In that way there is no left another point of distinction that I need to be marked.

Pros 😊
  • It’s technology prevents any temperature intolerance
  • It is lightweight and easy to handle
  • The maintenance it requires is less
  • A very energy-efficient system
Cons 😕
  • After sales service can be problematic

This ranks fifth in our list of best inverter batteries in India due to various factors that contribute. First and foremost is the greater workability that comes with it. That allows most of your home to get accommodated by its support. So no more one in the need to care for the long power cuts and emergencies. This is fixed here due to the installation of this inverter battery.

Also for the families living in large houses. For inverters that employ various appliances and which to ensure their continuous working. This model type is best for Home inverter means. the power reserves that come inbuilt with this battery ensures a continuous flow of required charge quantities within the house. Hence these requirements find the satisfaction here.

Along with that they are the points such as warranty of 36 months make it worth their investment. That not only ensure the better service but better Outlook for the inverter in that means. Also the carry away features of the battery make it easy to install and work with. There are many reasons one can invest in this battery for sure. All things being considered henceforth.

Pros 😊
  • The support for all major inverter types
  • Easy to handle and carry
  • Good charge storage and reliability
  • Well reasonable price that comes in
Cons 😕
  • Mishandling can lead to certain degree of damages.

Buyer's guide

1. Capacity

The capacity of a battery denotes what is the amount and time one can expect the battery to support them. for a family living with larger number of members that way would definitely require a larger place to reside. And hence would also require more electric usage. The ah for ampere-hour denotes a scale of calculation that could be a way of getting the right idea.
Also higher the ah better is it for people who are in an area that has a history of power cuts. So one needs to take this decision very carefully. that is sure to decide one’s service requirements that way.

2.Inverter VA ratings

No one can deny the fact that inverters are body of the cause batteries are there for. One needs to check the ratings of the inverter they have so as to know what batteries are to be the best for their usage in the time. These points control and restrict many battery options also limits the range of work for most of it.the inverter itself has it mentioned the rating at various corners and places. So one can find it easily.

3. Backup time

It for sure depends on the battery capacity of the inverter battery. Better is the quality of the battery better would be the backup time that it provides. Also better would be the ways by which it makes sure that it works for the user.

4. Brand

The brand name is of greatest reputation for any inverter battery. Not only for inverter battery for home but also for various other purposes. The best inverter battery in India is the one that corresponds to the best brands. Show the brand name provides the satisfaction of purchase and investment to the user.


So it happens to be that the battery has certain problems after usage. order develops any malfunctioning due to other factors. This one factor is what makes sure the band name comes to aid. And also helps to restore the functioning of the inverter battery that way. Also, make sure the power cuts in your area are well considered before you go for any inverter battery investment

Frequently asked questions

Question 1 what are the best brands for inverter batteries?

Answer the best branch nearby includes names such as amaron Exide luminous etc. The respective batteries of these names are included here in the list of articles. the brand name ensure customer Reliance that has built-in years of service

question 2 .how many ah battery is sufficient for the home?

Answer – It only depends upon how many hours one needs to use the battery for general backup. For instance the battery ranging from 150 ah to 200ah is well sufficient for home usages. That is what conserves the best.

Question 3 how to decide when to add water to batteries?

Answer the clear indicator on the battery makes one know when the water level drops. So that one can make the necessary arrangements to get the water-filled. however it should be noted that optimum water levels are to be maintained for greatest efficiency.

Question 4 what is the acid that is used in inverter batteries?

Answer It is generally a combination of different things. Normally it is just lead plate along with sulphuric acid that comes in usage. The potential difference in the two things is water responsible to generate necessary electric energy. That could be drawn through wires and hands can be used.

Question 5. how long does the battery keep inverter going?

Answer this basically can be drawn from the battery capacity. Higher the battery capacity long would it serve the inverter work. generally the 150 ah to 200ah battery is good to go with the frequent and daily power cuts that take place. However it can be different in certain places also.

Question 6 what is the FOC period?

Answer free of replacement or FOC is the time duration in which if the battery stops working it fails. One can expect a replacement from the company and file for it.

Question 7 how can the life of the battery be increased?

Answer –  there is a list of precautions one could possibly undertake and things one can do. Some of which include regular replacing of water, cleaning the rust and corrosion, do not overuse it, or overburden the load. These are the simplest way to do it.

Question 8 what may cause battery failure?

Answer- there are two main and most common causes of battery failure that are undercharged and overcharge of a battery.


Through our list of best inverter batteries in India we try to serve customers. As inverter batteries are required in almost every city in India due to the frequent power cuts that happen here. the interruption and consequent breakage of link in the word can be greatly problematic also. Hence if an inverter battery has got your back it can be a great use in such situations.

However investment is a greatly personal choice that one needs to make. It would be really helpful if this article comes into consideration. As any money invested is hard-earned enough not to be wasted. Hence one can rely on our list. We tried to make it best possible but if any problem questions or suggestions are there, feel free to write below.

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