Top 10 Best Air Cooler In India Buyer's Guide And Review

The summers have arrived and so has the scorching and wetting heat. Eventually, the hunt for best air cooler in India has been kicked to start at the marketplace. As everyone naturally desires the greatest option to serve them.

Although air conditioners are generally considered to be the best option remedy of heat. The air cooler vs air conditioner tussle seems to have no end. For this reason market today is providing air cooler variants that have covered almost every facet of cooling.

Notably this article acts as a medium between the customer base and the available popular brands. As we here serve the initiative to make the task easy and simple. Through the section of buyers guide, one becomes well aware with the knowledge of the selection criteria. The work becomes even more simplified with the list of features included herein.

Table of content
1.Types of Air Coolers in India
    1.1. Desert Air Cooler
    1.2. Personal Air cooler
    1.3. Tower Air Cooler
2. Top 10 Best Air Cooler in India
     2.1. Crompton Greaves Ozone White/Grey
     2.2.Symphony siesta 70 litre  air cooler
     2.3. Bajaj Platini PX 97
     2.4. Symphony Ice Cube 27 litres
     2.5. Orient electric air cooler  CW5002B
     2.6. Maharja Whiteline Atlanto
    2.7. Crompton Greaves Ozone  White/Maroon
     2.8. Oreint electric smart air Cooler
     2.9. Symphony Diet 35t
   2.10. Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50 litre Air cooler
3. Buyer’s guide
4.Tips for maintenance
5.Unique features in the top brand air coolers.
6.Advantages & Disadvantages of Air cooler
7.Air cooler vs Air conditioner
8. Frequently asked questions

types of air coolers in india

Desert Air Cooler

This large body cooler with a water tank capacity of about 40 to 60 litres is the best to serve places like dining halls and laboratory. They are vested with large pumps and motors to help them in cooling work.
Particularly these heavy body air coolers are of great use when people are to be gathered in a place and cooling is to be maintained

Personal air cooler

These smaller air coolers with a water tank capacity of 25 to 30 litres and these work great for indoor purposes.
These type of cooler provide service for bedrooms dining rooms of household .
Since they are part of the home interior hence it is necessary for them to look elegant and gentle.

Tower Air cooler

These are slimmer varieties of air cooler that are generally vested with the capacity of 30 to 40 litres a water tank. These are designed in a way to adjust in the voids of the room and provide the compact cooling experience to its user. Besides this specific feature,  these air coolers are elegant in view and impactful in work and are designed in such a way that it serves every possible feature that could be expected from an air cooler.

Top 10 Best Air Cooler in India

Crompton Greaves is one of the most trusted and tested name in the category of best air cooler in India and so it justifies the quality service it provides. Following the very line of consistent service it has brought to market and elegant mixture of style and impact namely the ozone desert air cooler.

In addition; this top brand air cooler has a tank capacity of 75 litres. Equipped with features like ice chamber and automated louvres, this air cooler has the honeycomb cooling pads which ensures the best of cooling experience to its customer along with the warranty of 1 year.

Uniquely this air cooler with its cooling ability can cool a large room or hall very easily over a cost of reasonable electricity consumption so that one can freely use it without being consumed in the thoughts of electricity bills that would come on usage for long hours.

Pros 😊
  • Well equipped with latest features and advancements.
  • Reasonable price in exchange for the greatest service.
  • Best possible cooling experiences.
Cons 😟
  • Not very fancy in terms of varied colours.
  • Requires a setup of cross ventilation, that is what makes it serve best.

The search of a perfect air cooler that stands firm in the view if you look forward for a certain combination of performance and look, your search is sure to end at Symphony siesta 70-litre cooler. This amongst the best air cooler in India is specifically designed to meet the demands of homebased cooling.

By all means, this air cooler has specially designed grills to make the cooling more impactful and another great thing is it comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Surely The combination of intelligent technology and impactful work has given this brand forefront place in the market. With admirable fan size, this air cooler ensures its job greatly throughout a great range of temperature within day hours and as well as night. Apart from which the working of this air cooler also suits users in dry climates and the coastal areas

Pros 😊
  • The price is greatly considerable for a service it provides.
  • The cooler provides a tremendously soothing cooling experience.
Cons 😔
  • It is not automated, needs to be controlled manually.
  • The size is rather not comfortable for home-based purposes.

This another air cooler has a fundamental feature of water tank capacity of 36 litres. Which makes it apt for serving household purposes,Also the three directional cooling system that come installed within uses a dynamic facet of scientific cooling sufficient for an area of 150 square feet.

 Particularly this one in the best air cooler in India has an intelligent 3  varied levels of cooling. that could easily be controlled through a knob that comes inbuilt on the body. Another attractive feature is that the advancements have made it a silent serving commodity that insures a tremendously appealing experience to its user.

Pros 😊
  • Comes with honeycomb installed pads.
  • 36 litres of water tank capacity
  • Inverter compatibility 
  • Smart air trap technology that retains the cool air inside.
  • Covers the whole area unequivocally.
Cons 😔
  • It is not a remote based device and would require manual controlling.
  • It is not apt for large sized rooms and halls as it is made to serve personal requirements.
  • The colour variants are less in number.

This another air cooler has earned its space in the best air coolers in India 2020.  Various reasons which include it’s elegant and gentle but firm features with a water tank capacity of 27 litres. Equipped with a cool air dispenser this  air cooler has airflow decent enough to cover 165 square feet of the room area.

Along with three-sided and directed air pads with louvers of firm and movable quality, Explicitly this home air cooler has strong castor wheels and automatic louvers for granting an unusual cooling phenomenon to its users.

 Also, the motor of 105 watts decreases the load of electricity bills on one’s pocket and makes it highly bearable and worthy at its cost.

Pros 😊
  • This air cooler has most of the advanced features compacted to the system at such a low price.
  • To ensure uninterrupted air flow during power cuts it has got inverter compatibility.
  • Automatic louvers come installed in the system.
Cons 😔
  • The water tank capacity only supports it on uses of personal means.
  • The name might lead to the idea of this air cooler having an ice tray, but it is not so.

If you are in search of that best air cooler in India that has a brand name you can trust, then you can get carefree coming to this one option. This model from Orient particularly CW5002B is vested with a water tank capacity of 50 liters. This is an easily portable air cooler model, has an aesthetic appeal and body and it serves really well too.

Then Its 50 litres water capacity and durable outer structure makes it a perfect option for home and office use. This Orient air cooler serves versatile environments with the greatest ease and transforms one harsh and warm climatic torture to a experience really soothing.

Pros 😊
  • The product brand in itself is the greatest surity one can ever get.
  • It consumes really less electricity with an energy consumption of 230 volts.
Cons 😔
  • It is not a movable model of regular and hence it is not convenient that way.
  • It hasn’t got an ice cube compartment nor has it got automated control.

Maharaja is a brand serving the electronic industry and market from the time most initial. Hence has acquired a customer reliance and trust over all this time. This particular brand amongst the best air cooler in India has a water tank capacity of 15 litres . It comes with three-speed modes and two swing modes controllable with a knob along with different other operations.

Additionally the louver movement is automated and evenly controlled so that air is spread evenly throughout the room. This blower design air cooler is small in size but throws air with a super thrust power to a range of 35 feet forward, which is enough in used for 3 to 4 people at least.

Pros 😊
  • It has got inverter compatibility.
  • The automatic louver moment is also present, to ensure even distribution of air in all directions.
  • Mosquito nets on the air pads to prevent it from being a breeding ground for diseases.
Cons 😔
  • The height is less and the size is compact hence it does not suit rooms with greater dimension and larger areas.
  • The power it consumes per hour is high.

Crompton is another well-structured name in the group of best air cooler in India. This best brand air cooler is one meant to serve the larger areas of cooling such as dining hall, offices and restaurants.

The water tank capacity of this one model is 55 litres and is sufficient for cooling purposes to an area of 550 square feet at most. This air cooler has the quality of cooling the temperatures of an area it serves in no time being used and can throw direct thrust up to the range and length of 50 feet forward. 

 Equally important, the heavy-duty model of this air cooler is anti-corrosive and hence does not require the optimum cleaning levels as compared to other coolers in the same range.

Pros 😊
  • Serves well in dry climates.
  • Less energy consumption.
  • The four-directional air deflection model
  • It also comes with inverter compatibility
  • It is vested with automated louvers
Cons 😔
  • The size is inconvenient and colour variants are very less.
  • Can’t serve small rooms and work for the larger areas.

Another presentation of excellence by orient company is the Orient electric smart air cooler which is meant to serve as personal air coolers to an area of 150 square feet. The honeycomb air pad in this air cooler a protected by mosquito net and are covered with dust protectors.

 In addition it has 4 way and 360 degrees a reflection along with horizontal and vertical louvers that can throw air up to 25 feet in the front direction straight.

Coupled with the elegant and decent look that comes with this air cooler helps it to blend with most of the surroundings when placed in a room. For a customer looking for an air cooler in low budget and better service criteria this one air cooler is sure to satisfy their demands. This air cooler is vested with many features such as inverter compatibility and others. 

Pros 😊
  • Can be controlled through  a remote.
  • Has strong caster wheels.
  • Clear water indicator.
  • Better motor technology.
Cons 😔
  • it does not serve well for purposes of dining hall, laboratory etc.
  • Small height can be a problem
  • Water tank capacity is way less that is 20 litres hence would require refills.

This lean elegant model initiated from Symphony is indeed one of the best home air coolers to be opted for. Not only has it an elegant look and stylish body but an outstanding performance record also. It has 4 directional convenient castor wheels which make it greatly easier for someone to move it from one place to other.

 Furthermore, the air pads of this cooler are equipped with mosquito net that protect it from becoming a breeding ground of infection.

 At the same time It has control knobs that have to be manually handled to change or adjust the speed of air from low and medium to high as per your requirement. At last, this device runs on the cost of ceiling fan hence won’t be a burden to the users pocket

Pros 😊
  • It is inverter compatible
  • It also consumes less units of electricity.
  • The cool air dispenser also comes installed within.
  • It has got automated louvers.
cons 😔
  • The water tank capacity is 35 liters.
  • Can’t serve larger areas.

This one is from kenstar, is a decent customized box-shaped air cooler with a heavy plastic built. It has two control knobs for fan speed. The consumption energy rate of this one air cooler is very less that is 200 watts which ensure it does not bring burden to the owner’s monthly bills.

Above all this top brand air cooler is of 50 litres water capacity so one is free from the task of refilling it on a continuous basis. This option as best air cooler in India is designed in a way that it supports three-way water inlet and can create an air thrust to reach about 35 feet.

At the same time the horizontal and vertical automated louvers in this air cooler ensure that the air is evenly spread throughout the room. This one uses the normal wood wool air pads that would require annual replacing.

pros 😊
  • The price it comes at is really considerable
  •  The cooling it provides is effective and peaceful.
  • It has larger water tank capacity 50 litres
cons 😔
  • It would require a stand.
  • Not many colour variants.

Buyer's guide

Once you end up with the most preferential option for your specific purpose of cooling, deciding a particular model is a process of multiple check and balances for which here are some features to look at  –

1. Water tank capacity

What needs to be understood is the cooling process of an air cooler is simply an outcome of evaporative induced cooling process. The water which is circulated through water pads evaporates on getting surfaced and exposed to external temperatures. The aftermath of what is supplied in the form of cool air to the user.

Therefore it becomes a point of at most importance that the water capacity of an air cooler is well considered with the optimization process of the room or the area that is supposed to get covered.

Generally, the personal air coolers have a capacity of 20 to 30 litres while in the case of a desert and other working space air coolers the capacity is above 30 litres in use.
Simply more the water content less would be the number of refills required for it to sustain the cooling work.

2. Cooling pads     

Never overlook the impact cooling pad has on the effectiveness of a cooler. It happens to be the second most important feature right after the water holding capacity.

In general, the thumb rule says thicker the pad better is the impact, but this depends on the temperature outside too if it does not correspond with the outgoing temperature it might end up creating problems. Generally there are two common types of use namely the honeycomb one and the wood shavings one.

Honey Comb
  • Is made of cellulose.
  • Arrangements that of a honeycomb.
  • Thicker.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Longer life.
  • Haier price.
Wood Shavings
  • Has natural wood shavings and  synthetic fibre.
  • Arrangement is of regular dimension.
  • Comparatively thin.
  • High maintenance.
  • Short life.
  • Considerably cheap.
4. CFM (cubic feet per minute)

This devised method is to find out the exact air cooler the room requires. It uses the dimensional volume of the room in cubic feet to measure the amount of air to be supplied per minute to keep it cool. The airflow regulation can be easily obtained through the methods of cubic feet per metres.
In reality, let us suppose bedrooms area is obtained to be 400 square feet and the height is 8 feets then the volume of the room turns out to be 400×8 that is 3200 cubic feet enhance CFM turns out to be 3200 divided by 2 hence 1600.

5. Airflow control

There are various installed measures to suit one’s needs depending upon what one fancies there are automated swinging versions, remote control ones. The conventional three-step air regulator and pump regulator’s are also installed in the system. The primary idea is to make the experience exceedingly relaxing after all that is what is the purpose it serves.

6. Energy consumption

This is one of the most economically important factors that make a customer go for an air cooler rather than an air conditioner. The power ratings of an air cooler are there in between Kien 125 W -230 W. lists means that the end of consuming 0.2 to 0.4 units of electricity per hour which is less than that of air conditioner essays generally consume 1.5 units per hour.

7. Budget or price range

The price range of an air cooler varies dramatically on the scale portable air cooler starts from 250 rupees where does a desert cooler in cost up to 35000 and even more. Depending upon once personal interest and needs of investment a person can easily scroll the price ranges and find an optimum fit for their usage.

Tips for maintenance

Like any other electrical equipment, even the best air cooler requires a certain level of care and maintenance not only does it improve its performance but also prolongs its life. And reduces the chances of professional help in future.

For the purpose of the same here are certain steps one could undertake personally-

1. The wiring and insulation

By all means this step becomes important not only for the maintenance of your air cooler but for the safety of the owner as well. Since feeding water is a daily routine in case of air coolers it becomes even more necessary to look for worn-out edges of wires and the loose ones so as to avoid any mishappenings are electric shocks in the future.

2. Water hygiene

The quality of water to be used also matters greatly as the body bottom of the container is in constant contact with the sidewalls of air cooler. Inadequate quality of water might deteriorate the condition of the body and affect it adversely.

Markedly off season when the air cooler is not in use the owner is advised to dry the container as the stagnant water can damage the lower bottom edges and can even be a breeding ground too many unwanted breeds of mosquitoes.

3. Cleaning of dust

one can never overlook the effect of surroundings and dust on the electrical appliances especially the ones which are in constant contact with the air outside.

The slowly accumulated layers on the top of the body can slowly swallow the entire content of even the top air cooler brands.

Simple cleaning measures like a cloth duster and water and mild detergent can improve the life of air coolers tenfold.

4. Condition of motor

The simple rule of mechanics says better the motor better is the impact it has on the cooling process it undertakes. Least one can do is to put 2-3 drops of lubricating oil in the motor through the oil nipple on the body of the motor. This would not only increase efficiency but also prolong its life.

5. Storage

For portable air cooler and for the users who actually store in the air coolers in winters, it is important to properly try the water container by running the water pump in out and then wiping out the edges. Secondly the wires and the chords need to be devised properly to avoid any breaking.

Unique features in the top brand air coolers.

Unique features in the top brand air coolers

1. Ice chamber

Adjustable tray is to be manually filled by the user. As the ice slowly melts the chilled water hence mixes with water in container and brings the overall temperature down, which at last helps in circulating cooler air to the room to boost the cooling experience.

2. Auto fill

This advancement requires a continuous source of water to the cooler. On being used as the level of water goes down the autofill system ensures that the container remains full by supplying water to it. The tank hence remains filled with water to provide an uninterrupted cooling.

3. Timer

There are moments at night when the environment temperature of climate goes down normally and one wishes for someone to lower the cooling of a cooler as doing it on their own is a tedious task.Ultimately the timer installed when given specific instructions would lower the cooling effects of air cooler at the hour one fancies to give uninterrupted sleep satisfaction.

4. Multiple fan speed

Since the temperature dynamics in India is way too frequent, the most basic demand from an air cooler is to have multi-range fan speeds to match such varied demands from the climate. Explicitly there are three inbuilt levels of airspeed namely high , medium and low to serve the required means.

5. Thermal overload protection

The natural inbuilt resistance of the pump and motor causes it to heat up when they work for long hours. This
technologies specifically regulate and bring down the temperatures so as to avoid any damage.

6.Mosquito filter

The finer mesh prohibits the entry of mosquitoes into the body of air cooler, which not only lessens their breeding possibilities but also enhances the life of an air cooler.

7. Water level indicator

Shows the water level in the air cooler. Helps the user to notify the amount of water consumed and when the water needs to be refilled.

8. Broad angle airflow

The inbuilt louvers are constructed in order to facilitate wide range airflow to cover greater area for better cooling effect inside the room. The finer adjustments hence allows a broad degree of changes in the impact it creates in the cooling patterns.

9. Anti Microbial properties

the cooling pad material is impregnated with special antimicrobial material to prevent any bacterial or fungal growth in the air pad, hence ensuring a better life for the air cooler.

10. Remote control operation

The operation adds value to your resting time. No more is one in need to leave their couch or bed and get to the installed air cooler a devised remote can control the working of air cooler from a set distance.Especially to the users of certainly older groups, it becomes important and rather usable.

11. Shut off dampener

This helps in maintaining the coolness within the body of cooler. Flaps are present when the cooler is off they open and when switched on the close.

12. Cord winder

When air cooler is to be installed somewhere else what is to be carried on somewhere or shifted or to be stored in the winters cord winder comes handy.

13. Castor wheels

Come to be useful when the larger air coolers are to be shifted from one place to another. The process no longer would require more people one can simply push the cooler in whichever direction at once.

14. Inverter compatible

The air coolers can also work on the inverter supplies of electricity in the hours of dire need. The system can adjust itself to work on that feature.

15. Anti-spill mechanism

the sound due to dripping water on the cooler pads gets minimized due to this one feature, it ensures a better experience for the user. The best air coolers in India generally prefer
these technologies.

Advantages & disadvantages of air cooler

  • The investment level in an air cooler is far less than that of an air conditioner.
  • Initially and even after a long time span as it consumes fewer units of electricity.
  • The air coolers are light and less in weight which makes them easy to handle and carry to other parts of the room.
  • Air cooler system lets outside fresh air to enter the premises of room which does not happen in case of air conditioner, as the same air keeps on circulating inside the room.
  • They are Eco friendly and work on evaporative cooling and do not use any refrigerant that causes harm to the environment.
  • Installation is easy as compared to that of an air conditioner and even replacing an air cooler is an easier task.
  • air coolers require an uninterrupted flow of water to work efficiently and provide cool air. In the areas of less water availability coolers may not be suitable.
  • Air coolers require more and continuous maintenance and care of the water tank which can be a hectic task.
  • It is required to check the quality of water in terms of its hardness as it happens to be the water with a higher degree of hardness is generally more corrosive for the body and other elements in an air cooler.
  • If there are instances of foul smell it is necessary to ensure appropriate measures of cleaning and hygiene.
  • Cleaning of blades and water tubes can be a tedious task
  • The biggest disadvantages related to an air cooler is they are greatly climate-dependent electric appliances and do not serve well in climates of high humidity levels maybe seasonally or in the coastal areas.  So coolers add more humidity levels to the air.

Air cooler Vs Air conditioner

Air cooler

1. The price range lies between rupees 2500 to rupees 17000.

2. Installation is not required for air coolers they can be manually placed at the desired place.

3. They do not use any chemical coolant as they use water.

4. It circulates the fresh air from outside into the room.

5. Asthma patients may not face any problem.

6. They are of no use in a humid climate and coastal areas.

7. It is easily movable and can be displaced accordingly.

Air conditioner

1. The price range lies between rupees 25000 to rupees 50000.

2. Installation requires professional help

3. Ac emits harmful chemicals in the environment.

4. It works on the internal air itself.

5.Can be problematic to asthma patients

6. They are really useful and humid climate and coastal areas for cooling purposes.

7.Can’t be moved that easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Here are some of the most asked questions in order to lead you towards your fit amongst the best air cooler in India.

1. What brands top the list of best air cooler in India?

The Indian market is flooding with the most popular brands which include Crompton, Symphony, Maharaja, Bajaj etc. One has to decide depending on one’s need and the usage criteria which varies from person to person and situation to situation as well.

 2. Which air cooler is better plastic or iron?

 An iron cooler will start getting corroded after a year or two at most.  then after it would require oiling and painting and is also not shock resistant. The plastic body although has leakage problems but if one has children at home and otherwise as well a safe cooler is the priority hence on that note plastic one is better.

3. Why the air conditioner is not good for health?

The air conditioner does not suit many skin types due to is working procedure as it separates the humid content from the air in order to cool it which might not suit many skin types and hence result in irritation. AC can be problematic for asthma patients as well.

4. Which type of air cooler is best for personal rooms?

 In comparison the personal air coolers are one of the most suitable and well designed to serve the household purposes and since most of them have the castor wheels it is easier for one to handle and move it freely.

5. Can air cooler be operated on inverter?

 Many air coolers come with inverter compatibility and this is not a compulsory feature in all air coolers there are. However the new models most of them carry this feature so that it could well serve the user without interruption.

6. What is cross ventilation?

Having a proper spacing between the walls of room and the air pads of air cooler show that air can run through those voids and the air pads have enough to breathe in the surrounding air for cooling purposes is called cross ventilation.

Nevertheless, there are certain specifications which are needed to be adjusted as per the room and the higher ventilator there.

7. Which air cooler is better air fan or blower type?

 Both are equally compatible. But the fan type is one that is designed so as to serve the general cause of cooling. In a specific room or an area larger in sense .where as coming to the blower one it is designed for single person use and can serve that part better


The article mentioned above tries to provide a perfect range of the best air cooler in India for its users. Along with the buyer’s guide and various comparative notations for the customer to gain the required knowledge. So that customers may select their fit and reach their level of satisfaction.

Certainly other contents such as the guidelines of purchase and maintenance are various steps included in the article. To provide the detailed information to the user. So that they can ensure higher life and maintenance for their air cooler.

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